Men's Slippers

Bespoke Slippers for men

A pair of men’s bespoke slippers is much more than just a pair of comfortable, high quality shoes. Slippers are an elegant and modern alternative to the more traditional men’s shoe. In addition, slippers for men are a great way to give yourself a deserved treat.

Today i s the perfect day to create and be the proud owner of a pair of men’s Slippers, unique as you are. Don’t you think so? indulge yourself 🙂

Slippers for men

Monk Slipper for men in suede

Monk Slipper in beige suede and cognac box calf leather

Monk Slipper in green suede

Monk Slipper in forest green suede

Belgian Slipper for men in suede

Belgian Slipper in beige and navy blue suede

Belgian Slipper in navy suede

Belgian Slipper for men in navy and orange suede

Belgian Slipper for men in tartan

Belgian Slipper in tartan and navy blue suede

Belgian Slipper in ivory suede

Belgian Slipper for men in ivory suede

Monk Slipper in black box calf

Monk Slipper HUGO in black box calf leather

Monk Slipper in brown box calf

Monk Slipper HUGO in brown box calf

Slipper in camel suede

Men's slipper HUGO in camel suede and brown box calf tassels

Slipper in beige suede

HUGO Slipper in beige suede

Slipper in camel suede

HUGO Slipper in camel suede

Belgian slipper in black box calf

Belgian slipper HUGO in black faux-croco box calf

Slipper in black patent

HUGO Slipper in black patent

Slipper in black lux suede

HUGO Slipper in black lux suede

As elegant as comfortable. The essence of our custom made men’s slippers relies on their resistant leather sole, a moderate heel and a vamp, mostly in velvet or suede. We are enthusiasts of the versatility, elegance and sophistication that a pair of men’s slippers adds to any men’s wardrobe. It is clear that we are here to help you unleash the designer in you. 

Get inspired by our selection of HUGO bespoke Slippers for men, before you start creating your own pair of handmade, customised boots for men.

How to customise my Slippers at Cambrillón?

Creating a pair of slippers that are truly exclusive and that are the reflection of your style and personality is just a few clicks away. Simply follow these three steps in order to customise your pair of Cambrillón men’s bespoke slippers:

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 1
Choose your favourite model
The reflection of your personality

Oxfords, Monk straps or Derby shoes. Choose the model with which you feel identified and start designing.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 2
Customise your shoes
Men's shoes, unique as you are

Unleash the designer in you. Combine materials and colours to create a unique pair of shoes of using our 3D configurator.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 3
Handmade, bespoke shoes
Luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity

After 4 weeks, our expert shoemakers will have ready your pair of bespoke Cambrillón shoes. We ship worldwide.