Design your Bespoke Sneakers FOR MEN

A smart casual must-have. Handcrafted in Spain with the best materials and shipping worldwide.

Jogger sneaker for men

Jogger Sneaker

In box calf, linen and Vibram sole

Jogger in box calf and linen

Jogger sneaker for men in box calf, linen and Vibram sole

Jogger in brown box calf

In box calf and suede. Vibram sole

Jogger in black leather

Jogger sneaker for men in box calf and faux croco. Vibram sole.

Trainer sneaker for men

Trainer Sneaker

In beige suede

Trainer in white and red leather

Trainer for men in white box calf and red suede

Trainer in white and blue leather

Trainer for men in white and blue box calf

Trainer in brown leather

Trainer for men in two-toned brown box calf

Trainer in beige linen

Trainer for men in beige linen and blue suede

Trainer in blue suede

Trainer for men in navy blue suede

Trainer Sneaker beige

Trainer sneaker para hombre en ante beige

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Urban sneaker for men

Black urban trainer

Urban Trainer in black boxcalf negro and red suede

Sartorial urban trainer

Urban Trainer in wollen sartorial fabric

Urban Sneaker

Men's Trainer LEO hand painted

Red urban trainer

Urban Trainer in red suede

Top sider sneaker for men

Urban top sider

Urban Skeanker LEO en boxcalf azul y marrón

Top sider sneaker

Urban Sneaker LEO in white and wine box calf

Top sider sneaker

Top sider in white suede

Top sider for men

Urban Sneaker LEO in brown hand painted boxcalf

Corsini sneaker for men

The Corsini model is an all-terrain shoe, perfect to wear in the city or on nature trips. Design yours with our 3D tool and surprise all your friends and family.

Men's Corsini Sneaker

Men's Corsini in suede and flannel

Brown men's Corsini

Corsini Sneaker in brown box calf and suede

Patina Corsini Sneaker

Corsini Sneaker brown hand painted patina

Black men's Corsini

Corsini Sneaker in black box calf and suede

Styling tip: Sneakers are great to combine with a suit 😉

Sneakers vs. Style? No, they are a versatile complement

It is very important to know how to dress according to the occasion. If, for example, for an important meeting at work or for a social event in a more casual setting, your favourite jacket and that Italian shirt that they gave you on your last birthday, your outfit will be enhanced to the maximum if you choose urban sneakers for men which will give you that more casual and carefree look that you are looking for.

Our proposal


Our Urban Sneakers for men stand out for their modern lines and sober designs, qualities that make them a very versatile model of urban sneakers for men. Urban shoes for men are the perfect balance between elegance, comfort and modernity. That is why in addition to being able to combine them with a suit, you can combine them with any type of pants: even simply with jeans.

At Cambrillón we make it easy for you, as we offer you a collection of men’s footwear in which you will find exclusive models of our urban shoes.

We propose you to be inspired by our collection of urban sneakers, to then design some top quality men’s sneakers, handcrafted in Spain and most importantly: you will be the owner of a pair of personalized men’s sneakers … a pair of sneakers that will be truly exclusive and as unique as you.

Slip on sneaker for men

The most versatile and comfortable sneaker model, perfect to combine with jeans or any classic pants. Design yours to your liking and make the difference.

Cognac Slip-on Sneaker

Slip on sneaker in hand painted cognac box calf

White Slip-on Sneaker

Slip on sneaker in white suede

Red Slip-on Sneaker

Slip on sneaker in red suede

Slip-on Sneaker

Slip on Sneaker for men in tartan and box calf

High top sneaker for men

Men's multi high top Sneaker

High top sneaker in blue and grey calf leather

Men's high top Sneaker

Cognac hand painted high top sneaker

Brown high top sneaker

Urban Sneaker LEO en boxcalf marrón

Brown Men's high top Sneaker

High top sneaker in brown box calf

Blue high top sneaker

High top Sneaker in light blue linen

Patina high top sneaker

High top sneaker in marble hand painted patina

Goodyear Welted & Blake Stitch Handmade Shoes

LEO is a masculine name of Greek origin whose root comes from the word '' Lion ''. This name always refers to a fierce or brave person.

- Cambrillón Bespoke Leather

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