Bespoke shoes & boots, delivered in one week

Customise your Goodyear welted shoos or boots. Our artisans will have them ready to be shipped to you, in just one week. Welcome to the Fast Lane!

Fast Lane Bespoke Shoes for men

Bespoke handmade shoes for men, Goodyear welted and delivered in just ONE WEEK.

Full Brogue Oxford

Cap Toe Oxford

Whole Cut Oxford

Double Monk strap

Box calf Derby

Box calf Tassel Loafer

Full Brogue Patina Oxford

Patina Cap Toe Oxford

Patina Whole Cut Oxford

Patina Double Monk strap

Patina Derby

Patina Tassel Loafer

This is FAST LANE, our exclusive production service of MTO Goodyear welted men’s shoes. Our Capsule Collection of bespoke shoes for men FAST LANE is the combination of technology, craftsmanship and the highest quality. The result is that in just ONE WEEK you can receive at your home a pair of bespoke shoes, as unique as you are. All the models in our Capsule Collection of custom men’s shoe are manufactured by hand and Goodyear welted. The customization options we offer in our Capsule Collection can be limited, especially when compared to our amazing offer of MTO custom made men’s shoes. However, you can customize a good number of shoe elements, such as the upper, the sole and the laces. In addition, you can laser engrave your initials on the heel.

Fast Lane Bespoke Boots for men

Bespoke boots for men, Goodyear welted and delivered in just ONE WEEK. ​

Box calf Chelsea boot

Box Calf Chukka boot

Box calf Balmoral boot

Box calf Wingtip boot

Patina Chelsea boot

Patina Chukka boot

Patina Balmoral boot

Patina Wingtip boot

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