Travel is the category in which we compile all the posts published in The Journal about experiences travelling around the world. Destinations, when to go, what to do. Places you already know and places you will go. And whenever there’s a trip, there’s always a suitcase. What shoes do we take? A pair of Cambrillón 100% made in Spain, no doubt, but which model?

In Cambrillón, we are not only enthusiasts of luxury footwear, lifestyle and masculine fashion. We are also enthusiasts of innovation, entrepreneurship and business.

Technology, luxury, craftsmanship: the three pillars upon which Cambrillón has been founded. We are faithful to our essence, to the tradition and know-how of our experienced artisan shoe makers. We preserve our roots and heritage, working to add value to our tradition, so that it transcends and remains unchanged over time. More information about our company. Here you can read our history.

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