Bespoke handmade shoes for men

At Cambrillón you can design a pair of custom made shoes or boots for men, as unique as you are.

Few things are as personal as shoes. With laces, with buckles, more formal, dress boots or urban sneakers. Whatever your favourite model, it says a lot about you and your personality.

Here are some of our men’s footwear proposals to inspire you to create your own pair of truly exclusive men’s shoes that are as unique as you are.

Bespoke shoes for men - Blake stitched

Oxford POL

Cap toe Oxford in black box calf

Cap toe Oxford in black box calf

Wholecut Oxford in burgundy box calf

Derby IVO

Brown semi brogue Derby IVO

Blue semi brogue Derby IVO

Derby patinado a mano

Loafer LUCA

Tassel Loafer burgundy

Tassel Loafer azul marino

Penny Loafer marrón

Monkstrap BIEL

Monkstrap en boxcalf negro

Monkstrap pebble grain negro

Monkstrap marrón para hombre

Bota Chelsea DARIO

Chelsea boot DARIO in black box calf

Chelsea boot DARIO in burgundy box calf

Chelsea boot DARIO in grey suede

Bota Chukka AIMAR

Chukka boot AIMAR in burgundy boxcalf

Chukka boot AIMAR in black boxcalf

Chukka boot AIMAR in brown suede

What is Blake stitch?

Blake Stitch of Blake Welt is a shoe construction method that appeared during the Industrial Revolution and became famous thanks to the lightness and flexibility that gives to shoe. This method is still in force today.

Compared with other manufacturing techniques based on the gluing of the different pieces, Blake Welt stands out for its resistance. Its main characteristic is the particular sewing process, which joins the body of the shoe to the sole.

If you want to read more information on Blake welt, your can read this article.