Dressing in layers is now a trend

Dressing in layers is booming. Not only in streetwear fashions, but also in elegant fashion. It may seem difficult but in reality it is not. In this guide from Cambrillón, we’re going to help you dress in layers without looking like the Michelin puppet. 

Dressing in layers is more typical in the winter season than in spring time, but we can actually adapt this trend to this time of the year. The main characteristic of this trend is versatility. This “technique” allows us to vary by adding and removing layers depending on climate, occasions and locations.

Dressing in layers: what does it mean?

Dressing in layers means that we carry several garments, one on top of the other and they are all visible at the same time.


Some garments to dress in layers

There are some garments that are perfect and seem to be designed to dress this way. Some of the garments that we suggest are:


The turtleneck sweater. It’s a useful garment while dressing in layers, in fact it’s possible to combine with shirts, jackets and coats. At the same time it will be always visible on the neck. The best choice in this case are neutral colorsthat allow to use it under shirts. This will give a sophisticated retro touch to the look.

Jersey de cuello alto vestir a capas
Camisa blanca Vestir a capas

The white shirt. This garment is indispensable in a man’s wardrobe. It will give you a clean and elegant look. We can use it under garments like sweaters or cardigans.


The cardigan. This garment works great especially in spring and brings a sophisticated and elegant touch to our look. Perfect to combine with white, blue and pink shirts.



The sweatshirt. We recommend the one without hood because is more elegant and easy to wear. We can use it under coats or padded jacket and at list even on white shirts.

The denim jacket. This garment has been very popular for a long time. There is a denim jacket in each closet and now it’s time to revaluation!We can combine it with the turtleneck, shirt and under coat or trench coat.

The duffle coat. This is an elegant and sophisticated garment that can be used in differents occasions. In fact, we can wear it with any of the items mentioned previously.

Trenca vestir a capas

The trench coat. We can define it as a timeless classic, perfect in each situation. We can wear it on top of . Speaking about trousers, all options are valid. Definitively your choice will depend to the look you prefer.



While dressing in layers, we focus our attention on the top. Anyway pantsrepresent the key element to adapt the look to the current season. That’s why we recommend to wear pants in bright colors in this season and more warm tones like camel for other times such as autumn. Star colors: yellow and Klein color.

Chinese and straight trousers are the most elegant protagonist of this season but don’t forget that you can also dress elegantly with jeans!


Like we always said, shoes are the garment that complete and refine the look. At the same time they are the most important part of the ensemble since they define the elegance and sophistication of the outfit.


In this season, the Monk Strap shoes for special occasions. This model gives great elegance and comfort to any outfit. Actually, Monk strap in box calf and tweed handmade by Cambrillón, are the best choice.

Monkstrap dos hebillas marron Cambrillon
Double monk strap in box calf and tweed

These shoes work especially well with a turtleneck, a white shirts or a trench coat. Due to their elegance and formality, we chose to combine them with chinos or straight pants.

Slippers and moccasins are a great option too. This shoe is fresh, comfortable and perfect for spring. They combine style and elegance at the same time.


Slipper in camel suede

For spring time we recommend some handmade shoes, such as Camel suede Slipper shoes. They are perfect with white shirts and even with sweatshirts.This shoe is incredibly “easy to wear”, it works well with any type of trousers.

Blue suede tassel Loafer are the right choice to get your “sailing outfit”. More than that, they are easy to match with any type of pants, especially with the straight ones.


Blue suede tassel loafer with red suede tassels

We hope that our guide have been useful to understand what dressing in layers is and how to do it properly.