loafer y slippers para hombre

Loafers and Slippers

Loafers and Slippers

Customised Loafers and Slippers for men

A pair of Loafers or custom made men’s slippers are the perfect men’s shoe model for a spotless smart casual look. The right shoe model for both an informal dinner and for a casual day at the office.

Loafers and Slippers: the perfect compliment for a spotless smart casual look. Undoubtedly, both the Loafer and the Slippers for men are an excellent choice for those men who do not want to give up style and elegance, adding to their wardrobe a dose of comfort and versatility.

Slippers para hombre

Slipper in camel suede

Men's slipper HUGO in camel suede and brown box calf tassels

Monk Slipper in brown box calf

Monk Slipper HUGO in brown box calf

Belgian slipper in black box calf

Belgian slipper HUGO in black faux-croco box calf

Slipper in black lux suede

HUGO Slipper in black lux suede

Slipper in black patent

HUGO Slipper in black patent

Slipper in beige suede

HUGO Slipper in beige suede

Monk Slipper in black box calf

Monk Slipper HUGO in black box calf leather

Slipper in camel suede

HUGO Slipper in camel suede

Get inspired by our selection of HUGO bespoke Slippers for men, before you start creating your own pair of handmade, customised boots for men.

Men's Loafers

Loafer ante color arena

Loafer en ante color arena y boxcalf cognac

Loafer en azul flannel

Mask Loafer en atuzl flannel y pintado a mano azul

Loafer en ante verde bosque

Tassel Loafer en antre verde y borlas en boxcalf marrón

Loafer en charol rojo

Tassel Loafer en charol rojo y borlas en charol azul

Loafer en ante azul

Loafer en ante azul y suela de goma

Loafer en ante gris

Tassel Loafer en gris ante gris y borlas en boxcalf

Tassel Loafer in burgundy box calf

Tassel Loafer LUCA in burgundy box calf

Tassel Loafer in blackwatch

Tassel Loafer LUCA in wool blackwatch

Tassel Loafer in brown suede

Tassel Loafer LUCA in brown suede

Navy blue suede loafers

Tassel Loafer LUCA in navy blue suede

Loafer in black suede and patent

Loafer LUCA in black patent leather and suede

Navy blue suede loafers

Tassel Loafer LUCA in navy blue suede

Gucci Loafer en boxcalf negro

Gucci Loafer LUCA en boxcalf negro

Gucci Loafer en patina cognac

Gucci Loafer LUCA en acabado crust patina cognac

We hope that this selection of men’s Loafers serve you as an inspiration. Get ready and customise your pair of bespoke Loafers.

How to customise my Slippers or Loafers at Cambrillón?

Customising a pair of shoes that is truly exclusive and that is the true reflection of your style and personality is very simple. You just have to follow these three simple steps to customise your pair of Slippers and Loafers for Cambrillón man:

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 1
Elige tu modelo favorito
Paso 1. Elige tu modelo de zapatos en Cambrillón
El reflejo de tu personalidad

Oxford, Derby, con hebillas, mocasines o botas. Elige el modelo con el que te sientes identificado y empieza a diseñar.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 2
Personaliza tu par de zapatos​
Paso 2 - Personaliza tus zapatos en Cambrillón
Zapatos tan únicos como tú

Elige el color de los materiales el tipo de suela, las decoraciones. Todo ello gracias a nuestro configurador 3D online. 

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 3
Fabricación artesanal
Fabricación artesanal de tus zapatos personalizados Cambrillón
Lujo, artesanía y exclusividad

Tras 4 semanas de trabajo y atención a los detalles, tus zapatos personalizados Cambrillón finalmente llegarán a tus pies.