"Real luxury is customization" - Lapo Elkann

The Cambrillón Club

The Cambrillón Club  is an exclusive community creted by luxury enthusiasts, for luxury enthusiasts in all its forms.

"I follow my own style, not the one proposed by others"

- Lapo Elkann

The members of The Cambrillón Club have many things in common. They know what they want, they know what they like and they are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to obtain it.

The Cambrillón Club

Our members are globally-minded, urban-dwelling men at the life-stage where they’re getting comfortable in their knowledge of themselves.

They are gentlemen that know what they want and like, and are willing to invest the time and energy it takes to get it.

Wherever possible, they want to show that they’re in the know, but that they’re not just sheep following trends blindly – they also know themselves deeply.

Premium goods from Premium brands

A selection of premium Spanish wines, shoe care and shoe related articles, exclusive driving experiences, a selection of craft beers and grooming articles.  These are just some of the premium items that you will receive every month.

Subscribe to The Cambrillón Club and we look after the rest. The Cambrillón Club is an exclusive community, created by luxury enthusiasts for luxury enthusiasts.

Here are the four subscription plans available to enter The Cambrillón Club:

Monkstrap Rules

Wingtip Experience

Balmoral Gent

Cambrillón Selection

If you prefer that someone at Cambrillón explains to you personally more in detail, the advantages of belonging to The Cambrillón Club, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.