Men slipper handmade and bespoke by Cambrillon

Loafers and Slippers

Loafers and Slippers

Bespoke women's loafers and slippers

A pair of bespoke women loafers and slippers are simply the ideal complement to perfectly match any outfit: whether it is formal or smart casual.

This is our curated selection of bespoke Loafers and Slippers for women, handmade in Spain exclusively for you.

Women's Loafers

Loafer in black patent

Loafer in fuchsia suede

Loafer in brown suede

Loafer in sand suede

Loafer in burgundy suede

Loafer in navy blue suede

Women's Slippers

Slipper in yellow linen

Wellington slipper in yellow linen

Tassel Slipper in green suede

Slipper in dark green suede

Slipper in burgundy velvet

Slipper in orange linen

Slipper in beige linen

Slipper in light blue linen

Bespoke women's loafers and slippers

Flamboyance, comfort and versatility are three adjectives that perfectly define bespoke loafers and slippers for women.  Much more than just an accessory, a pair of bespoke loafers and slippers for women are the perfect sole-mate to perfectly combine your office or casual looks, with a lot of style and personality.

Comfortable, exclusive and versatile. Shoes speak louder than words: Customise your next pair of bespoke loafers and slippers for women at Cambrillón.

The new modern is comfortable: Bespoke women’s loafers and slippers

At Cambrillón we offer you the unique chance to design your next pair of bespoke women’s slippers and loafers to the very last detail.

A pair of women’s loafers and slippers adds a touch of class and exclusivity to any look. Now at Cambrillón, we offer you the possibility to customise them down to the last detail thanks to our online configurator

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