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Chelsea boots

for men

Bespoke Chelsea Boots are a staple in every man’s shoe collection. Above all, Men’s Chelsea Boots stand out from other boot models, thanks to its polished and versatile, lace-less design. In conclusion, it’s perfect to combine with any outfit for a spot-on formal or smart casual look. 

Chelsea boot in brown crust patina

Chelsea boot in cognac crust patina

Chelsea boot in burgundy box calf

Chelsea boot in black box calf

Chelsea boot in navy blue suede

Chelsea boot in brown box calf

Chelsea boot in grey suede

Chelsea boots for men. An all-time classic

Increasingly more popular over the last few seasons, men’s Chelsea Boots are a model of dress boots that are an elegant complement for all kinds of styles and outfits. If we go back to the sixties, Chelsea boots were mostly combined with skinny black denim trousers and were always made of black leather. Chelsea boots in black box calf leather were the perfect complement for one of the most iconic and simplest outfits: a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and black denim trousers. Voilà, an iconic look that marked a whole decade was born, with such a strong personality that even nowadays, it still keeps winning adepts.

For their versatility, polished design and for being a vet comfortable boot model, men Chelsea boots have won the status of being an absolute “must have” in any man’s wardrobe. Perfect for a spot on business casual look or for an elegant formal look, clearly inspired in how The Beatles combined their Chelsea boots with a suit and tie, to achieve a polished, elegant look.


Undoubtedly, they are the perfect men’s dress boot to mail an elegant and modern business casual look. Bearing in mind that the rules regarding dress and etiquette in companies has evolved over the past years, designing your pair of Chelsea boots in brown suede is a safe bet to ensure a sober, modern and refined look. A very elegant option, if we combine our bespoke Chelsea boots in grown suede with chinos, a collar shirt and a blazer.

On the other hand, they are a THE choice when it comes to choosing the appropriate footwear for autumn-winter. Chelsea boots provide that extra touch of personality and refinement sought after by most men, despite the cold weather and the rain. If you will wear your Chelsea boots during autumn-winter, we suggest that instead of suede you design your pair of Chelsea boots for men in brown or black box calf.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your Chelsea Boots in autumn spring, suede is the best option for your pair of bespoke Chelsea boots. As per the right choice for the colour, different tones in brown, ochre and of course blue are the perfect choice to perfectly march mostly any men’s spring or autumn outfit.

If you are looking for a formal and totally elegant look, Chelsea boots for men are without a doubt a great option. Combine your Chelsea boots with a suit and with a trench coat. A safe bet in terms of the right colour; choose your bespoke Chelsea boots in black box calf, mahogany brown or suede in either of the latter colours. This choice of a formal outfit combined with a pair of Chelsea boots for men, stands out for its classicism, elegance and comfort. Ideally, combine your Chelsea boots for men with grey, blue or black suits. As for the pattern and the material of your suit, Chelsea boots combine perfectly with tweed, the classic pin stripe or the infallible Prince of Wales cut for an impeccable and perfect formal outfit. In Cambrillón we make it very easy for you to be the proud owner of a pair of custom made men’s Chelsea boots. Get inspired by our collection of men’s bespoke Chelsea boots, to then design a pair of exclusive Chelsea boots of the highest quality, handmade in Spain. Think outside the box and go custom. You will be the owner of a pair of personalised men’s Chelsea bots… a pair of men’s dress boots that will be truly exclusive and as unique as you are.

How to customise your shoes?

1. Choose your favourite model

Oxford, Derby, with buckles, loafers, boots or sneakers. Choose the model with which you feel identified and start designing.

2. Customise your shoes, boots or sneakers

Choose the colour of the materials, the type of sole, the decorations. All this thanks, to our online 3D configurator.

3. Handmade in Spain & shipping worldwide

After 4 weeks of work from our craftsmen, your bespoke Cambrillón shoes or boots will finally arrive to your home or office.

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