Fashion and business: redefining the concept of luxury

"Luxury is in every detail"

Without any doubt, there is no better way to summarize the essence of what we consider luxury than with this famous quote from the fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy. Precisely this is the way in which Eva Blanco, editor at Vogue, chose to begin this exciting round table discussion about Luxury as a concept, mainly from the point of view of fashion and business.

An exciting round table organised by Vogue, in which three Companies specialists in luxury shared different points of view on luxury: Jaguar Land Rover Iberia, Can Tres Formentera and Can Domo Ibiza and Sonia Carrasco, fashion designer. Each of these companies is a specialist in their field and of course, each of them live, breathe and transmit luxury in different ways. However, all three Companies agree that whether you offer a luxury service or a luxury product, what our client obtains goes far beyond just a precious object. It transcends its usefulness because it transmits emotions.

Left to right: Eva Blanco, Adriana Botella, Sonia Carrasco, y Álvaro Sasiambarrena. Invitados de lujo. Beatriz Osorio.

It is very interesting to see that brands specialized in luxury, each of them from their own point of view and/or sector, share their vision on luxury and analyse its exciting future.

At Cambrillón we are familiarised with different points of view on luxury, thanks to the experiences we have shared with world leading brands such as Porsche and Bless Hotels. Together, we have learned that luxury effectively transcends the experiences it conveys. A Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo is much more than an electric sports car that offers a unique driving experience, signed and sealed by Porsche. The DNA of this or any other Porsche model sums up Ferry Porsche’s vision of his brand and its future: “The brand is for those who follow their dreams.” Our dreams inspire us day by day, they excite and motivate us.

Porsche Driving experience Cambrillon luxury lujo

Along with Bless Hotels, we have learned that luxury, in addition to transcending and being an experience, it must be capable of thrilling us. The experience of being part of the universe of hedonistic luxury that they offer thanks to spaces created for lovers of life who seek to enjoy every moment through music, gastronomy, fashion, culture, and our five senses. As they synthesize it: “At Bless Collection Hotels you will feel the true meaning of the best of living.”

Raúl Vidal at BLESS Hotel Madrid for Cambrillón

Returning to Vogue’s round table, if there is something that excites the Cambrillón team, it is the way in which the event was summarised before closing it: luxury is time, details and the vindication of heritage.

We cannot agree more with this conclusion as it fully resembles the pillars of the essence upon which Cambrillón is constituted as a brand specialised in bespoke footwear for men.

There is no doubt that after accepting and including the term “the new normal” in our daily lives, the status quo of various industries has changed. Obviously, the luxury fashion sector is no stranger to this reality. Regardless of the current global climate, in the luxury fashion industry and from both a production and consumer standpoint, brands are dealing with a fundamental shift in what luxury means. The change in their buying habits and the increasing trend of performing their daily activities online, means that luxury brands must adapt our traditional model to a new model that address their needs when it comes to buying, consuming and communicating. A change that requires a deep restructuration of our needs and overall strategy, regardless of the product and/or service we offer.

Richard Dighero CEO Cambrillón at BLESS Madrid

At Cambrillón we believe that one of the keys to facing this evolution and these challenges with solvency is to offer an immaculate, personalized, and direct shopping experiences. The personalization of experiences, individuality, and attention to detail: The figure of I/WE grows stronger in this part of our digital age. The huge opportunity that Companies like Cambrillón now have, is to establish relationships that go far beyond a simple one-in-a-life-time commercial exchange, transcending the personal and daily lives of our clients.

Considering our client, it is crucial that brands like Cambrillón design and implement strategies through which we are able to create a much deeper and more significant commitment to our brand. It is no longer enough to transmit to our clients stories about belonging, craftsmanship and tradition. Now we must make them part of this reality, make them feel that the brand has and can contribute much more than just a luxury item. It is our challenge to create adaptable and dynamic services and experiences to meet the changing needs of customers who buy luxury. The complicity between brand and client must be total. We have to design more intimate digital spaces that foster meaningful connections, and above all, that add true and lasting value to the duo client-brand.