Bota Chukka para hombre AIMAR

Goodyear welted men's Chukka bespoke shoes

Blake stitched men’s Chukka boots, also known as Desert Boots, have long been a basic and a classic model of casual boots for men.

Due to its origins, versatility and robust personality, in Cambrillón we call men’s Chukka boots AIMAR.

Aimar is a masculine name of Basque-Navarrese origin that means 'strong house' or 'resistant'. It is a name with a great personality and very unusual

Men’s Chukka boot Aimar is undoubtedly a casual, versatile, comfortable and durable option for men who seek to give a touch of style to their outfit, especially in the coldest months of the year.

Get inspired by our curated collection of men’s Chukka boots. If you prefer, customize your pair of men’s Chukka boots

Desig your men’s chukka boots

Chukka boot AIMAR

Chukka boot in navy blue suede

Chukka boot AIMAR in navy blue suede

Chukka boot in cognac boxcalf

Chukka boot AIMAR in cognac box calf

Men's Chukka boot in brown box calf

Dress boot Chukka boot AIMAR in brown box calf

Chukka boot in blue box calf

Chukka boot AIMAR in blue box calf

Chukka boot in camel suede

Chukka boot AIMAR in camel suede and brown box calf

Chukka boot in brown suede

Chukka boot AIMAR in blue box calf

Chukka boot in black box calf

Chukka boot AIMAR in black hand polished box calf

Chukka boot in burgundy box calf

Chukka boot AIMAR in burgundy hand polished box calf

Brown flannel chukka boots

Brown flannel men's chukka boots

We hope that our selection of men’s Chukka Boots has served as inspiration.  Today is a great day to design your pair of bespoke men’s Chukka Boots.

Design your shoes

How to design my bespoke shoes at Cambrillón?

We want to be part your journey. Designing a pair of bespoke shoes that perfectly reflect your style and personality, is as simple as following these three simple steps.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 1
Choose your favourite model
The reflection of your personality

Oxfords, Monk straps, Loafers, Boots or Derby shoes. Choose the model with which you feel identified and start designing.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 2
Customise your shoes
Men's shoes, unique as you are

Unleash the designer in you. Combine materials and colours to create a unique pair of shoes of using our 3D configurator.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 3
Handmade, bespoke shoes
Luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity

After 4 weeks, our expert shoemakers will have ready your pair of bespoke Cambrillón shoes. We ship worldwide.

Men´s Chukka boot.