Zapato Oxford para hombre Pol

Goodyear welted men's Oxford bespoke shoes

Goodyear welted men’s Oxford bespoke shoes are the quintessence of tradition and elegance in terms of men’s footwear fashion.

In Cambrillón we understand its origins and its essence. That is why our men’s Oxford shoes are named POL.

POL is a masculine name of Latin origin, which means 'small'. Often and thanks to Saint Pol Aurelian, Pol has connotations of strength and bravery, as he was a celebrated knight known for his battles against dragons and founder of monasteries.

- Cambrillón Bespoke Leather

Our men’s Goodyear welted Oxford bespoke shoe POL is a classic and infallible alternative to combine any formal look, being the perfect choice for an elegant office look. They are also a wise choice for those men who are constantly searching for a cultivated, subtle, refined and timeless look.

Get inspired with our selection of men’s Goodyear welted Oxford bespoke shoe and design your pair of men’s bespoke Oxfords

Goodyear welted Oxford bespoke shoes

Wholecut Oxford in red box calf

Wholecut Oxford POL in red burnished box calf

Cap toe Oxford in grey box calf

Cap toe Oxford POL in grey box calf

Oxford in cognac box calf

Full brogue Oxford in cognac box calf

Cap toe Oxford in black box calf

Cap toe Oxford POL in black box calf

Oxford in black box calf

Full brogue Oxford POL in black box calf

Black cap toe Oxford

Cap toe Oxford POL in black box calf

Burgundy wholecut Oxford

Wholecut Oxford in burgundy box calf

Brown wholecut Oxford

Wholecut Oxford in brown box calf

How to design my bespoke men's shoes at Cambrillón?

We want to be part your journey. Designing a pair of bespoke shoes that perfectly reflect your style and personality, is as simple as following these three simple steps.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 1
Choose your favourite model
The reflection of your personality

Oxfords, Monk straps, Loafers, Boots or Derby shoes. Choose the model with which you feel identified and start designing.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 2
Customise your shoes
Men's shoes, unique as you are

Unleash the designer in you. Combine materials and colours to create a unique pair of shoes of using our 3D configurator.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 3
Handmade, bespoke shoes
Luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity

After 4 weeks, our expert shoemakers will have ready your pair of bespoke Cambrillón shoes. We ship worldwide.

Men’s Oxford shoes. Their evolution beyond the design.

Within the lace up men’s shoes, the Oxford shoe is undoubtedly one of those outstanding models season after season. It can be considered as an iconic model of men’s dress shoes, capable of styling up any outfit .

Footwear has evolved incredibly along history. For example in Rome, only those who had relevant positions could wear shoes. In the Middle Ages, society began to give the importance it deserves to the aesthetic, something that facilitated the emergence in the nineteenth century Oxford footwear for men.

It is evident that the Oxford shoe for men is a universal classic that stands out for its polished lines and personality. Not in vain, at present the Oxford shoes for men are the best valued by fashion designers and other people who are experts in fashion.

As for how to combine your pair of Oxford shoes for men, this is a shoe model with men’s laces that will surprise you for its versatility and elegance. You can combine them with chinos, white and American shirt to attend your day meetings. A look that without a doubt, is valid to achieve a casual smart look.

Beyond the evolution in terms of model and shape, it is now common to find a pair of Oxfords for men in different colors and materials: from black or brown classics, to navy blue or burgundy.

In Cambrillón we make it easy for you, because we offer you a collection of men’s footwear in which the Oxford for men occupies a prominent place.

Inspire yourself in our Oxfords men’s shoes collection, then design a pair of Oxfords for men of the highest quality, made in Spain and most importantly: you will be the owner of a pair of Oxfords customized for men … pair of shoes that will be truly exclusive and as unique