Guide to Oxford Shoes for men

Oxford Shoes for men are the quintessence of men’s dress shoes. They are classy and elegant dress shoe model, available in an vast selection of colours, materials and styles to suit your attire in any occasion.

A pair of Oxford shoes can dress up or dress down many outfits. They are an essential footwear model for every wardrobe of the modern gentleman. This classic shoe has evolved in several ways, from its use, overall design and to become part of women’s fashion.

Oxford shoes for men are an elegant dress shoe. They feature a closed lacing system concealed within the upper part of the shoe. The Oxford shoe is an  iconic shoe, available in a range of textures, including patent leather, calf leather, suede, and canvas.

Oxfords are available in three main toe styles: cap toe, wingtip, and plain toe. In a nutshell, plain-toe Oxfords are the most formal iteration of the classic dress shoe, often paired with tuxedos and suits for formal dress codes. Cap-toe Oxfords feature a seam across the toe and are a mainstay in office attire.

What makes an Oxford and Oxford shoe?

There are some main characteristics that make Oxford shoes, an absolute must-have in every shoe rack. These are the features of a present-day Oxford Shoe:

  • Closed lacing. Oxfords feature a closed lacing system on the side tabs of the shoe. It is sewn underneath the vamp of the shoe.
  • Low heels. While the classic shoe comes from a line of higher heeled boots, the Oxford shoes are characterized by low heels, similar to a loafers. This feature  makes it easier to walk in than boots with more pronounced heels.
  • Exposed ankle. Oxfords feature a low-cut ankle, which provides more styling options by allowing you to show off your colourful socks.

All Oxford shoes share these three essential features, and although most Oxford shoe styles have their eyelets on the quarter, a Whole- Oxford are the exception.

What are the types of Oxfords shoes?

There are many different Oxford shoe styles, but we will briefly review the most common models going from the more formal ones to the most casual styles.

Classic Oxford:

Also known as plain-toe Oxfords, this style is by far more formal than any other Oxford shoe. With minimal detailing and no cap on the toe, these formal shoes pair well with formal attires, like tuxedos. Always rely on sober colours such as dark brown or black, and materials such as box calf.

Cap-toe Oxford:

Cap-toe Oxfords are named after the piece of leather that is stitched over the toe box, to create the “cap.” Cap-toes are perfect for business casual looks (the classic combination of chinos and a blazer) and for events that require a smart casual attire.

Wingtip Oxford:

The Wingtip or Brogue Oxfords are named after their decorative perforations, which are also called broguing. This style of Oxford shoes has wingtips that extend along the side of the shoe, followed by a cap toe with either an “M” or “W” shape. Brogue Oxford shoes are not as formal as cap-toe Oxfords, but they’re a great option for a night out on the town or a networking event.

Whole-cut Oxford:

Whole-cut Oxfords are made from a whole, single cut of premium leather. The minimal design of the whole-cut Oxford makes it an excellent shoe for formal occasions while they can also be used for business attires.

Oxford shoes, whether they are handmade and bespoke like those we offer at Cambrillón, they are perfect for formal occasions, thanks to their polished appearance. Oxfords are as versatile as timeless. They are an essential staple for every gentleman, no matter their style.