How to wear: Navy Blue blazer or americana combination

Looking for the perfect navy blue blazer outfit for men

Wear a navy Blue blazer is much easier than it seems at first. The problem is that many times we complicate our lives more than we should. Today we will show you how to wear Blue navy Americana. We will give you several tips to dress with it for multiple moments and occasions. This color is particularly versatile: it’ s perfect for office outfit or important event, passing by a glass of wine with friends. As always, we propose you some ways to combine your navy blue jacket or blazer.

What about Navy Blue Americana?

The truly question would be: What is not the navy blue jacket? That’s a versatile and perfect garment for any occasion while full of vitality and energy. Sign of leadership and power. Without doubt, this garment is highly recommended in the wardrobe of any man who appreciates his image.

The Navy Blue color

We speak of a moldable color, that adapts to any situation, to any outfit. In the world of high tailoring, this color is an “ever green” and remains valid over time.

This color is usually identified with leadership, but at the same time with relation and honesty. That’s the color of negotiation and communication. This particular tone of blu, will bring our personality seriousness and courage.

Navy blue blazer, beige trousers and brown leather tassel loafers.

Navy Blue is really easy to combine. It goes well with dark colors such as brown, autumnal yellow or green leaf but equally with light colors like white.

This color easily combines with a large number of prints. If we go to the office we can choose a fine executive line. And if we go for a walk we can choose a window box.

Navy blue blazer combination

This type of garment with navy Blue blazer is very versatile, since it can be combined in general with any clothing items and shoes.

Talking about pants, we can go for a straight suit pants for a formal look or with a pair of jeans for a more casual style. If we want to be casual but serious at the same time, dark jeans are a great choice. With the arrival of spring, for all these garments we use fresh fabrics such as linen and cotton.

The shirt

The shirt is an other essential element that we can combine it in many colors. There is no doubt that the white shirt is the most formal in this type of look, but we can opt for different patterns and colors.

For example, a shirt with vertical stripes could be an idea. A light blue shirt is perfect to continue with the same color but in a different tonality. For what cancer fabric, you can enjoy linen for a more relaxed look. Of course, the shirt always inside the pants.

Navy blue blazer, grey trousers and black Monk Slippers.

Models of navy blue blazer

In fact, it works with any type of model, we will propose three in particular.

First, the crossed Americana is perfect for this color. Ideal for formal meetings with their respective suit pants. If you choose white pants, is a great option for a relaxed walk.

If we are not comfortable with the crossed Americana and we want to maintain that formal and relaxed tone, we will opt for a 3-button jacket. We must say that the 4-button Americana is actually out of plays.

If we looking for a more relaxed blazer, we will choose the one with 2 buttons. In this way, formal and casual meet in balance. When wearing this item, is important to choose the model that fits at the same time also our personal identity.

Some looks with navy blue blazer

Here are some perfect looks with blue navy blazers depending on the situation. Choose the shoes that best match your blazer and customize them for a truly unique outfit.

Formal look with navy blue blazer

Crossed Navy Blue Blazer

Thanks to the help of a great basic, the white shirt, you are perfect for office. We can use it with an open button or buttoned with a tie, that’s personal.

To provide a more formal and sophisticated touch, the crossed Blazer and 3 buttons Blazer are perfect. Choose Chinos or suit pants in base of your degree of formality. For shoes, the best option is Derby semi-brouge en box calf and suede

Informal look with navy blue Americana Blazer

Sometimes we refuse to wear a shirt because we want to feel more comfortable. For those days, we propose you some casual looks that are are elegant at the same time.

A white crew-neck t-shirt with a 2 button blazer and denim trousers will be the perfect combination for those days. Don’t forget too chose carefully your shoes: in this case a Tassel loafer in brown suede is essential.

Turtleneck sweater

Navy blue blazer with turtleneck sweater

This look is more focused for those days dedicated to relax and free time. A dark green turtleneck, a 2-button blue navy jacket and white trousers. Of course, for a sophisticated and elegant look together with Black lux suede slippers

Turtleneck with navy blue blazer (Photo: Suits Expert)
Turtleneck with navy blue blazer (Photo: Suits Expert)

Casual look with navy blue blazer

Talking about basics, we will use a shirt or a round neck T-shirt with a sailor style sweater with horizontal blue stripes. A 2-button blue navy blazer will give us a formal but relaxed tone. For what concern pants, we can opt for chinos in navy blue or white.

To complete the outfit, you can choose between these Camel suede Slippers. All these elements make your blue navy blazer outfit more personal and fresh.

In Cambrillón we have the perfect shoes for every outfit. You can customize your favourite model with our 3D tool. Design and buy your dream shoes 100% online.

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