How to wear Monk Strap shoes for men

How to wear Monk strap shoes for men is a very common questions many of our friends ask. Despite not being the most formal shoe style (that is a title exclusive to the almighty Oxford shoe for men), they are appropriate for formal events and considered by far more formal than a Loafer.

Monk strap shoes for men have been increasingly more popular, thanks to their sophisticated and sober appearance as well as for their easy to slip-on/off design. A versatile footwear choice, Monks have the great quality to dress up or down any outfit: They look great with everything from a suit to denims or chinos.

What makes a Monk Strap a Monk Strap shoe?

In terms of their design, Monks stand somewhere in between the Oxford shoe and the Loafer. The Monk strap has the essence of a slip-on shoe, while keeping the tongue and vamp common to lace-up shoes like the Oxford or the Derby.

  • Lacing: Instead of laces, Monk Strap shoes feature straps and buckles. Double monk straps are without a doubt the most popular, but single and even triple strapped Monk Straps exist. This is just one example of the possibilities a pair of Monks add to your wardrobe, helping you to elegantly, stand out from the crowd.

Single vs. Double Monk Straps. We could debate the pros and cons of these two amazing shoes styles and based on our experience, we can say that it all comes down to your personal preferences 😉

Single Monk Straps tend to draw less attention and therefore offer a subtle touch of personality. On the other hand, the Double Monk Strap adds a touch of flamboyance to your look. In a nutshell, Single and Double Monk Straps are the perfect choice for parties, weddings, or any other occasion where your outfit allows a touch of your unique style and personality.

A guide on how to wear Monk Strap shoes

Monk strap shoes for men are versatile, elegant and above all fun to wear and pair. We will give you some styling tips on how to style your Monk Strap shoes in every occasion.

Casual Look

Monks can be easily worn in informal occasions. Our tip during the colder months, is to wear brown monks with navy or grey chinos and a sweater or a blazer. During the Summer, you can pair your monks with denims with an open-necked Oxford shirt. In this case, we suggest going for brown suede double monk. Less is more:  pair grey trousers and a black box calf Monk.

Smart Casual Look

A spotless smart casual dress code is versatile: it can take you from afternoon drinks to casual Fridays. Try lighter-coloured suede or leather monk straps with neutral chinos or trousers, a shirt, and a blazer for a polished yet relaxed look.

For a smart casual work outfit, our suggestion is to go for a neutral colour palette. Pair brown or burgundy leather monk strap shoes with beige trousers or chinos and a white Oxford shirt. During the cooler months, try pairing pin-rolled trousers with burgundy double monk straps, a neutral button-down Oxford shirt, and a cardigan or blazer.

Monk Strap – Business Casual Look

A spot-on Business casual attire requires you to invest a little more of your savoir-faire. Our suggestion is to stick to single. A well-tailored suiting separates, structured outerwear, and details like ties or pocket squares elevate monk strap shoes to a business environment.

Pair black leather monk straps with a dark grey suit with a patterned tie. Another option is to wear a charcoal suit with a roll neck shirt and burgundy leather monk straps. You can also team chunky brown leather or suede double monk straps with a charcoal or navy suit and a structured coat for an office-friendly and relaxed business casual winter look.

Semi-Formal Look with monk strap shoes

Common for parties and weddings, the semi-formal dress code is more relaxed than formal attire, without losing sight of its sophisticated approach. Choose suits or suiting separates in neutrals or on-trend colours and pair with single or double monk straps.

When opting for a full suit, select brown leather double strap monks and tone down the look with a polo shirt or roll neck. Double monk straps work extremely well with a chino and blazer combo, teamed with an Oxford shirt and accessories a pocket square.

Formal Look with monk strap shoes

Monk strap shoes are the perfect opportunity to introduce a sense of personality into your formal attires. In case of a black-tie dress codes, stick to a black suit and white Oxford shirt teamed with black leather single -or double 😉 – monk strap shoes.

If you want to experiment and turn heads around, try a three-piece suit with an Oxford shirt and tie, and double monk straps. Perhaps, brown leather and a touch of sartorial inspiration? Another suggestion is to go for a lighter coloured double-breasted suit and offset it with forest green suede monk strap shoes.

Monk Strap shoes for men, whether they are handmade and bespoke like those we offer at Cambrillón, they are perfect when your are looking to combine any look while you are reflecting your style and personality. They are an essential staple for every gentleman, no matter their style or the occasion.