How to wear the perfect shirt

How to wear the perfect shirt. At Cambrillón we believe that there are some key points that must be  considered when purchasing a new shirt. 

These styling tips are fully compatible, both when purchasing a shirt from our favourite store, as well as a made to measure shirts like those you can purchase at Jajoan Madrid.

Wearing the perfect shirt is essential in every gentleman’s wardrobe. However, normally it is a garment to which we do not  dedicate as much time and effort as for other garments in our wardrobe.

In the ideal shirt, perfection will not shine, but the flaws in its design and style will surely turn other people’s heads…but for the wrong reasons.

The collar, always under control

The ends of the collar should never appear over the jacket lapels. When combining these two garments, it is very important that the relationship between the shirt and the jacket is harmonious. Especially in terms of design, colour and pattern. 

Raul Vdal
Raúl Vidal

Collar shirt and buttons?

Yes, they are totally compatible with our day to day outifts, but it is not the most elegant collar for a forma shirt. It is a collar to wear to the office, yes, you should never combine American collar shirts with a tie. If we decide to wear a shirt with this collar, we will always do it without any accessories.

Length matters

Formal shirts must be long, especially when paired with a suit. Why do shirts have to be long? Easy! To prevent them from coming out of your pants. A gentleman, in a suit, always wears the shirt tucked inside the trousers.

Mario Alberghini
Mario Alberghini

Buttons Down. Literally

It is usually the most common collar on shirts. However, let’s not confuse it with the most elegant. If we want a more elegant shirt collar, we should go for the British collar: a bit more closed in shape that provides greater protagonism to the neck. Another option is to choose the Italian collar, which oozes pure class.

Shirts and etiquete

The etiquete in the case of formal dress codes, says that a tuxedo should always be worn with a specific shirt. Besides other peculiarities, the collar in this shirt is is turned upwards. Last but not least, when wearing this a shirt, never use a tie. Instead, go for the accessory that best suits this shirt: a bow tie.


The Mandarin shirt

The Mandarin shirt is perfect for the warmer months of the year. Relaxed and casual. You can combine your Mandarin shirt with a pair of shorts and perhaps a pair of bespoke slippers in camel suede.  An elegant but yet relaxed look, for your summer events.

bespoke camel suede slippers for men cambrillon
Camel slippers in camel suede by Cambrillón

Old school is always cool

Lately, the 20s and 30s are trendy. Shirts in the pure  Peaky Blinders style, are a must have 😉

The best way to show off your Collar Club shirt, is always buttoned up and paired with a thin striped tie.

Stripes and shirts

Either with an oblique or a transverse pattern, these shirts preferably should never be combined with a suit. Especially when the pattern of the shirt contrasts the one of the collar. 

Stamps and collars.

Let’s put it simple: Collar shirts with stamps and patterns, are dangerous. Needless to say, you should never wear these shirts with a suit. Stamped shirts should be exclusive for very casual occasions.

Camisa con estampado

The buttons of a collar shirt

Usually, we tend not to pay all the attention they deserve. Buttons are a very important element of any collar shirt. Whenever possible, they should be made of nacre or mother-of-pearl, in light colours and preferably flat. If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated total look, choose to wear cufflinks instead.

The shirt for a smoking jacket

Rules say that a shirt with canvas (a removable accessory which is stitched to the front part of the shirt) should be chosen when wearing a smoking jacket.

With either horizontal or vertical pleats, the canvas shirt is the most classic option when wearing a smoking jacket. However, you can also wear a simple shirt but remembering that one centimetre of the shirt cuff should visible. 

How about made-to-order shirts?

It is, without a doubt, the best possible option when choosing a shirt. The tailor knows exactly how to favor your strengths and blur the flaws. Besides many other blessings, thanks to an experienced tailor we will be capable of wearing a tie without it being a real ordeal 😉 

Tailors who do their work impeccably well, are those at Jajoan, capable of creating shirts as unique as the shoes you can create in Cambrillón.

We hope that these simple styling tips on how to wear a collar shirt, are useful next time you want to buy a new shirt. Did you know that there are different types of collars? We invite you to read this brief guide on the different types of collars for men’s dress shirts