Slippers y Loafers personalizados para hombre Cambrillon

Men's Loafers and Slippers

Essentials for a modern man

A pair of custom shoes is much more than a quality item, a pair of slippers or loafers for man are all statements of intent in terms of style and personal image.

Slippers or loafers are the perfect models for those who want to demonstrate they are at the forefront, but at the same time they are not “sheep that follow the herd’s blind tendencies”. This decision is the fruit of the deep knowledge they have about themselves.


Essentials by Cambrillón

Black patent slippers HUGO

Black box calf croco slippers HUGO

Beige lux suede slipper HUGO

Camel suede slippers HUGO

Black lux suede slippers HUGO

Camel suede Slipper HUGO

Gucci Loafer para hombre LUCA

Tassel Loafer in black patent leather LUCA

Gucci loafer in crust patina cognac LUCA

Tassel loafer black-watch and tassels LUCA

Brown suede tassel loafer LUCA

Brown box calf penny loafer LUCA

Burgundy box calf tassel loafer LUCA

Blue suede tassel loafer LUCA

Elegance, uniqueness and sophistication.

Three qualities that every modern man possesses. It is what it transmits and projects to its surroundings.

There is no better way to reinforce this image than a pair of personalized slippers for men, such as penny loafers or tassel completely exclusives.

Character, versatility and style.

Spring-Summer: that time of year in which we can be more creative when it comes to adapting our outfits.

The slippers and loafers for men allow us to add touch of elegance and sophistication to our outfits, both casual and elegant.