Luxury craftsman in footwear: Goodyear welted shoes

Despite the inevitable evolution and unstoppable progress of any industrial process, custom shoes for men continue to have enthusiasts and followers to their ranks.

In Cambrillón Bespoke Leather we mix the most avant-garde technology with the tradition of our expert craftsmen, for that reason we are specialists in footwear seam with Goodyear welt.

Undoubtedly, neither industrialization nor the most advanced technology will be able to replace the artisanal component needed to create shoes of the highest quality. Our artisans are collector of a manufacturer wisdom that  represent our Value.

Origins of Goodyear Welted Shoes

This particular technique dates back to 1872, when Charles Goodyear invented a machine capable of producing the seam solidary on the insole, thus revolutionizing the quality of footwear throughout the world. This old method could be implemented by machine or by hand.

In Cambrillón we are specialists in this type of welt seen as it offers many advantages: Goodyear technique results to be the best in terms of quality and durability.


The interior insulation, the double welted sole and the use of cowhides from the best leather selections are the elements that create strength beyond compare.

Shoes manufacture with Goodyear Technique

The first part of the process consists of preparing the template. A perpendicular spring is created through the template. Some manufacturers create the spring by cutting and shaping the template, while others by using supplementary material. Goodyear seam joins the skin to the vira and to the plant.

The second step is to put the midsole. Normally pvc midsoles are used that mold with the sole and come together. The second seam called Welt joins the sole to the sole.

In the last step, the upper part is sewn with the insole and the midsole. Through another sewing the welt is attached to the sole. For this sewing a lockstitch is used, so if at any point of the sewing there was a break, the chain would not fall apart.

To get here we have gone through more than 250 steps and more than the 92% of the manufacturing is handmade.



Technology, luxury and tradition.

Cambrillón is where avant-garde technology and tradition converge. The 3D program made possible to design your own pair of shoes and then the craftsmen’s hands made your “project” concrete. In this sense we firmly believe that luxury and innovation go hand in hand.

configurador 3D
3D configurator online

The essence of our innovation is based on 3D modeling technology for footwear which offers the user a totally online design experience that allows the personalization of the shoe.

Ask our stylists for online advices.