Luxury is measured in time and experiences

Even if is clear that Cambrillón is mostly a brand specialized in artisanal production of luxury shoes for man, a pair of shoes of excellent quality is more than a simply luxury product.

Luxury, quality and craftsmanship. These three adjectives are the main essence of Cambrillon’s personality and they represent what our brand offers to each one of our customers. Three adjectives that define the heart of the brand leaders in the field of luxury at international level, such as Bentley, Bless Hotels, Etxeko Madrid  and Maison Drapers.

Bless-Bentley-Cambrillon-Etxeko-Maison Drapers-PatricioGaston-ok
In the picture: Manuel Ruano (Maison Drapers) Patricio Gastón (Elite RGB Group), Richard Dighero (Cambrillón), Verónica de Mendoza (Marketing Bless Hotels), Julio Trenas (Managing Director Bentley), Raúl Vidal (Maison Drapers), Guillermo Aranzubía (Cambrillón)

Everyone understands luxury as an experience that goes far beyond concepts related to purchasing power.

Luxury is time:  to dedicate to the artisan manufacture of a high quality product, time for details that make a place unique and  that is able to create a gastronomic offer that overflows identity. This delicate word represents and defines our own everyday reality in collaboration with our  luxury partners.

We recently had the opportunity to share an enriching work experience. We spend a day by working directly with our partners in a highly professional context in which we could exchange opinions and lay the foundations for future collaborations. The link between us is constituted by our common brand identity that express the luxury experience we offer.



Our references in the luxury sector

Bless Hotel Madrid

“It’s not a lifestyle hotel, it’s a hotel where the style lives.”

Undoubtedly, the best way to summarize everything Bless Hotel Madrid offers. The care and passion for details is reflected in its 11 bedrooms to offer their clients the best quality experience.A luxury experience, in Barrio Salamanca.

A space for leisure in the best afterwork of Madrid

Feten Clandestine bar perfectly combines style, flavor and fun. In this exclusive and surprising urban bowling alley you can enjoy an entertaining evening in the center of Madrid. The bar is decorated in the purest speakeasy style where you can relax yourself.


Feten clandestine bar Bless Hotel Madrid
Raúl Vidal, at Feten Clandestine bar. Bless Hotel Madrid.
Versus Lively Lounge - Bless Hotel Madrid
Raúl Vidal, at Versus Lively Lounge. Bless Hotel Madrid.

Versus Lively Lounge is a contemporary day and night lounge where you can enjoy a magnificent continental breakfast buffet. They also propose a selection of imported beers and special cocktails carefully prepared by the best bartenders.


BLESS Hotel Madrid offers pleasure for all the senses. Let the delight take over, they are experts in satisfying the most elite tastes.


In BLESS they are experts in satisfying the most sophisticated palate. Their proposals are a certainty if you are looking for sum of pleasure.


Etxeko Madrid

The protagonists of this gastronomic trip to the North are traditional Basque recipes interpreted in a nouvelle key. In this cousine, tradition and innovation are blended together to create a superb culinary experience.


Gastronomic luxury in Madrid

Etxeko de Martín Berasategui at Bless Hotel MadridMartín Berasategui

Thanks to master Chef Martín Berasategui and its selected menù, Etxeko become a culinary space capable of awakening all the senses. And what a better location than Bless?



Bentley is much more than a luxury car.             On 10th July 2019, Bentley will reach its Centenary something that is definitely worth celebrating. From the first prototype created in London to the present, this brand remains true to its essence, producing extraordinarily powerful and exquisitely crafted cars. Undoubtedly, Bentley has transformed the face of motoring in the luxury sector.

Walter Bentley founded his company with the purpose of “create a fast car, a good car, the best of its kind”.                                                          It is clear that his desire has remained intact at the heart of Bentley’s vision, as today every car is manufactured at the Bentley factory in Crewe, in north-west England, by a team of more than 4,000 men and women highly qualified.


“Your Bentley represents your style, raised to the maximum power”. Walter Owen Bentley

Bentley Continental GT 2019 at Bless Hotel Madrid

This car represents a personal experience and a personal choice. The personalization of a Bentley in the smallest details is one of the hallmarks of this brand.


Maison Drapers

Raúl Vidal with a suit MTO de Maison Drapers

Maison Drapers was born from the passion for the world of tailoring and made to measure. The care for details and the quality of the garments distinguish this brand from the others.

Maison Drapers is the place where design, quality and elegance come together to offer a special customized service. They propose an authentic vision of tailoring hard to find nowadays.



Luxury, crafts and technology. Three main worlds that reflect our essence.

Cambrillón offers more than a customized pair of shoes. Our clients have the opportunity to create a pair of shoes as unique as they are. Our product, handmade in Spain, become a real experience through the choice of the model, leathers and colours.


Luxury customized shoes, as unique as you.

Through the experience that Cambrillón offers our clients, we seek to satisfy the needs of our clients from three fundamental aspects of their personality:





In the depths of our hearts, what we really want is to providing our customers the security and confidence they need to face any challenge.


Personal expression

In Cambrillon we believe that few things are as personal as a pair of shoes. For that reason we offer our clients to express a little of their essence through the design of their personal shoes. Enjoy the design process and express your true self.



Constant improvement

We are restless by nature. We are constantly engaged in innovation to improve our product and service.

We listen carefully to the needs and concerns of our customers that are the focus of our raising.


The total satisfaction of our customers is our main objective also supported by Bentley, Bless Madrid, Etxeko, Maison Drapers.