Bespoke Chukka boots for men​

Chukka boots for men (also known as Desert Boots) have long been a basic and a classic model of casual boots for men. They are undoubtedly a casual, versatile, comfortable and durable option for men who seek to give a special touch to their outfit, especially in the coldest months of the year. All our products are handmade in Spain with high quality materials. Customise your favourite with our 3D tool.


Chukka boots for men

A classic of informal footwear

A pair of mens dress shoes are the perfect complement to achieve an elegant and distinguished masculine look. But the mens dress boots, can bring a plus of style and elegance, which have nothing to envy a pair of Oxford for men or shoes Monkstrap. And it is precisely here, where the Chukka boots for men go, because they are a model of boot for men, versatile and elegant with which to get from a casual business look, to a casual but at the same time modern and sober.

The mens Chukka boots are perhaps the “youngest” shoe model for men since its appearance dates back to not more than 100 years ago. There are different theories about its origin.

The name “Chukka” with which this boot model has been baptized for men, has its origin in the Polo. In this sport, 6 parts of seven and a half minutes each are played, and each of these parts is called Chukker or Chukka. This term comes from the word ‘chukkar’ which means circle or turn.

There is another very interesting theory about the name of this boot for men, dating back to the use of the word “chukkar” in India, which means taking a walk or going for a walk.

As for the origin of the model of the Chukka boot, it emerged in World War II, specifically in Africa. It was here that the British military realized that the shoes they wore were not suitable for running loose in the desert terrain. They needed their shoes to have rubber soles for a better grip, which offers them greater protection so that the sand does not enter the interior and especially that they are light to resist the long marches through the desert. That is why the Chukka boot for men is also known as Desert boot.

It is clear to us that the Chukka mens boots were designed to provide comfort and to a certain extent style. Precisely because of these two qualities, its popularity was very great in the decade of the 40s and 50s.

At present, the Chukka Boots are still considered as a comfortable alternative to be used as well as casual boots as an option for men’s boots. In Cambrillón we make it easy for you, because we offer you a men’s footwear collection in which you will find exclusive models of Chukka Boots for men.

Visit our collection and dare to design a pair of Chukka boots for men of the highest quality and made by hand in Spain. You will be the owner of a pair of personalized Chukka Boots for men that will be truly exclusive and as unique as you.

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How to customise your Chukka boots for men?

1. Choose your favourite model

Oxford, Derby, with buckles, loafers, boots or sneakers. Choose the model with which you feel identified and start designing.

2. Customise your shoes, boots or sneakers

Choose the colour of the materials, the type of sole, the decorations. All this thanks, to our online 3D configurator.

3. Handmade in Spain & shipping worldwide

After 4 weeks of work from our craftsmen, your bespoke Cambrillón shoes or boots will finally arrive to your home or office.