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Derby shoes

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Derby shoes for men are an ideal option to be combined with a day suit, but also perfect when combined with chinos, a white shirt and a blazer. Elegance can be expressed in many ways: with a pair of bespoke men’s Derby shoes you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Derby in brown suede and box calf

Derby in blue suede and box calf

Hand painted Patina Cap toe Derby

Derby in brown box calf

Derby in black box calf

Derby in sand suede

Longwing Derby in camel suede

The key to the perfect look: A pair of good men’s dress shoes

It is clear that a pair of men’s dress shoes is the perfect complement to achieve an elegant and distinguished look. In its origins, footwear was designed to protect the feet and thus, be able to perform daily tasks in a more comfortable way. Society evolved so as footwear, becoming one of the indicators of social status and refinement.

As a result, nowadays is very important to know how to dress according to the occasion. For instance, dressing up for an important business meeting or for a social event such as a wedding, a good choice would be to use your custom-made suit, your favourite tie and that Italian shirt you got as a birthday present. Your total look can surely be styled up by choosing the right model of men’s dress shoes, and the Derby shoe is one of them.

The Derby shoe stands out from other models, for its classic lines and sober design. Both aspects grant the Derby shoe the status of one of the most versatile models of lace up men’s dress shoes. Men’s Derby shoes resemble the perfect balance between elegance and modernity. That is why in addition to being able to combine them with a suit, you can combine them with any type of trousers…and yes, denim trousers included.

In Cambrillón we make it easy for you, because we offer you a collection of men’s footwear in which you will find exclusive models of Derby shoes for men.

We suggest you to get inspired by our collection of Derby shoes for men, to then design a pair of exclusive Derby shoes for men of the highest quality, handmade in Spain. Think outside the box and go custom. You will be the owner of a pair of personalised Derby shoes for men…a pair of shoes that will be truly exclusive and as unique as you are.

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Shoe care goes far beyond the ritual itself. A pair of immaculate shoes says a lot about you and your personality. Looking after your shoes is the basis upon which both your outfit and the image you project to others is created. A pair of immaculate, bespoke men’s shoes of the highest quality is capable of giving that subtle but yet powerful touch of elegance to any outfit.

The perfect shoe care and cleaning kit

To make sure that we are looking after our bespoke men’s shoes in the best possible, the perfect shoe cleaning kit should have the following elements:


Measuring your feet in order to know your ideal shoe size, is a very accurate and simple task. You just have to follow the next steps (image).

Once we have these measurements, you can compare them with the following equivalence tables. Just like our clientes, every foot is unique, so these measurements can serve as a reference when choosing your size for your next pair of Cambrillón.

Equivalences table

At Cambrillón we have preserved the traditional process when it comes to creating our shoe patterns.

It all begins with sketching the model, a creative process that once finished, it’s time to “mask” the last. While doing so, we can obtain the inside and outside profiles of what the shoe will look like. The masking tape is then removed, flattened and overlaid to produce the ‘Mean Form’ – a representation of that last. Still seen today, this method has been used by Cambrillón’s pattern cutters for generations.

Once the patterns have been taken from the last, a prototype sample is made and test fitted. After any necessary adjustments to the patterns, a sample pair is produced. It is fundamental to ensure that the patterns fit correctly and that the upper adjusts fully on the last before starting our made to order production.

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