Burgundy Tassel Loafers


Burgundy Tassel Loafers

Burgundy Tassel Loafers for men in hand painted premium box calf leather with medium burnishing effect. Handcrafted in Almansa, Spain, with calfskin lining and hand painted blue leather soles.  Blake Welted Tassel Loafers for men.

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* Blake Welted Tassel Loafers for men


The Tassel Loafer: The Tassel Loafer for men is a timeless and sophisticated footwear choice that seamlessly blends comfort and style. Characterized by its slip-on design and distinctive decorative tassels adorning the vamp, this shoe exudes a refined yet relaxed charm. Crafted from premium leather or suede materials, Tassel Loafers offer versatility, making them suitable for both formal occasions and more casual settings. The sleek, minimalistic silhouette lends an air of understated elegance, while the tassels add a touch of personality. Whether paired with tailored suits, dress trousers, or even smart-casual attire, the Tassel Loafer is a classic choice that never goes out of fashion, making it a staple in any well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

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Burgundy Tassel Loafers

Shoe care goes far beyond the ritual itself. A pair of immaculate shoes says a lot about you and your personality. Looking after your shoes is the basis upon which both your outfit and the image you project to others is created. A pair of immaculate, bespoke men’s shoes of the highest quality is capable of giving that subtle but yet powerful touch of elegance to any outfit.

The perfect shoe care and cleaning kit

To make sure that we are looking after our bespoke men’s shoes in the best possible, the perfect shoe cleaning kit should have the following elements:


Measuring your feet in order to know your ideal shoe size, is a very accurate and simple task. You just have to follow the next steps (image).

Once we have these measurements, you can compare them with the following equivalence tables. Just like our clientes, every foot is unique, so these measurements can serve as a reference when choosing your size for your next pair of Cambrillón.

Equivalences table

At Cambrillón we have preserved the traditional process when it comes to creating our shoe patterns.

It all begins with sketching the model, a creative process that once finished, it’s time to “mask” the last. While doing so, we can obtain the inside and outside profiles of what the shoe will look like. The masking tape is then removed, flattened and overlaid to produce the ‘Mean Form’ – a representation of that last. Still seen today, this method has been used by Cambrillón’s pattern cutters for generations.

Once the patterns have been taken from the last, a prototype sample is made and test fitted. After any necessary adjustments to the patterns, a sample pair is produced. It is fundamental to ensure that the patterns fit correctly and that the upper adjusts fully on the last before starting our made to order production.


We understand that having so many models and so many options for customisation can generate doubts. Don’t worry. If you have any doubts about the 3D tool or the type of design you want, please contact us. We will get back to you to help with any questions.

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