Shoes: the six essentials

A suitable footwear is the key to create an elegant look. Therefore, our guide will show you the 6 essentials shoes models to “fit” perfectly any situation.

These 6 models we are going to present, allow us to succeed in any situation.

When speaking about elegance and style, it’s useless to wear a made to measure suit if you don’t choose the right pair of shoes. In fact, a good shoe is able to extol a suit of inferior quality while giving character in the set.


This model constitutes the base of any male shoe. There is no other shoe as versatile as this British shoe that was created in England at the beginning of the XIX century . Its great versatility makes it ideal to fit both with suit and with a more sporty style. 

This model combines perfectly day and night.                                       Day: with a charcoal gray suit and night: with a navy blue suit .This is the ideal shoe for serious occasions. Although if you add the brogueado, we will have a perfect shoe for less formal occasions.

Its distinguishing element is the Prussian stitching. This means that where the laces are joined is sewn by the front of the shoe, so the tab is not visible.

For this season, we recommend the boxcalf Oxford shoe in red. Elegant and sophisticated at the same time, this shoe allow us to dress elegantly for any event.


Red boxcalf Oxford

Oxford brogue

The brogue or chopped technique comes from the Irish peasants in the early twentieth, who had the idea of drilling the tips and shovels so that the shoes dry more quickly. This stunt born from necessity has led to a shoe that became one of the most appreciated thanks to its elegant but clean line.

The tonalities close to chocolate or cognac give the whole great elegance. This color combines perfectly with the majority of suit shades. This model can elevate the elegance of the more informal suits, hence the importance of this footwear.


Oxford cognac box calf

In spring, as we said before, we recommend the Oxford handmade shoe Oxford cognac box calf by Cambrillón. This color is great for this time of year and it will definitely get the attention!


Double buckle (Monkstrap)

What characterizes this shoe are the metallic details, which make the shoe more casual and at the same time, they provide the variety that any wardrobe needs. There are those who doubt between choosing the double buckle or the simple buckle. The Agent 007, used to combine his tailored suits with this shoe with a single buckle.

This shoe in brown or leather back, are ideal for more informal and casual sets. In contrast, these shoes in black, are a safe bet for every day. The last buckle is wider, which means comfort without losing style. If you want to be bold, it is enough to choose this shoe with a fine brogeado.


We recommend the Monk strap pebble grain to get the attention when walking around the city or at work.


Monk strap pebble grain

One-piece in wine

This model is made with a unique piece of leather, which gives the shoe a clean line. Elegant and stylish, these shoes are for formal occasions . For a change, you can play with the colors and textures of the laces. Let’s try silk laces to enhance your style!

Colors such as wine or Burgundy give a casual touch that does not bring the lines of the seams. These shoes are the most recommended by shoemakers when it comes to bespoke shoes.


Burgundy wholecut Oxford

Our handmade shoes like Burgundy wholecut Oxford are a clear example of elegance and neatness that these shoes bring to the person who wears them.

Mocassins (Slippers and Loafers)

Despite their beginnings, due to its constitution and design, nowadays they are become a great ally for informal looks. In this model, the quality of materials have a huge importance since they influence its appearance.


Between the huge range of models of moccasins the Tassels differ, which have two balls on the instep as a distinctive element. Tassels can be used for more important and formal occasions according to clothing . This makes them an interesting proposal with two-piece suits.


Blue suede tassel loafer are a great choice for this season, as they maintain the elegance and bring color with their ornaments.

Blue suede tassel loafer

Blucher or Derby

We could not end this article of 6 essential shoes without talking about this shoe model. Blucher for the Americans and Derby for the British. This model differ from the Oxford because it is wider and more open, and therefore less formal. They are also made with English stitching, so the side part is sewn over the front. As in the case of the Oxford, there are available in the smooth version, semi-brogue and full-brogue.


Derby in brown box calf and suede

The Derby in brown box calf and suede will be one of the  most seen this season due to its design, comfort and elegance.

These are the six essentials shoes for all occasions. Thanks to our guide and proposals, you will be able to wear and “fit”any type of event and time of day.