Daniel Craig Style: lessons you can learn

Fans of the James Bond Saga are positively anxious. After more than a year of delay, the long-awaited premiere of ‘No Time to Die’ finally took place in London. The latest film in the James Bond saga, brought together one of the most glamorous red carpets recently seen in London. As usual, Daniel Craig exuded elegance and style at the premiere, although Kate Middleton and Ana de Armas dazzled and took the attention of the photographers.

The secret to achieve the immaculate style of James Bond:  small details make the difference.

Among others, James Bond stands for elegance and style. A character that we can all associate with fashion terms or concepts that revolve around masculinity, elegance, and sobriety. If we had to choose, at Cambrillón we choose Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as the perfect standard bearers of that masculine and sober style, so typical of the famous spy.

Back to the premiere of ‘No time to die’ and focusing on Daniel Craig, who has been playing the famous spy for over fifteen years, we have identified three simple tricks or styling suggestions so that our wardrobe has that infallible stamp that Craig transmits both, inside and outside of the screen.

The jacket. A versatile and elegant garment.

To perfectly choose our suit, we need to take into consideration many other aspects, besides our tastes and personal style. A jacket can vary in fit, lapels, pockets and even in the number of cuts on the back. As for the buttoning, we also have options such as two- or three-button or the double-buttoned jacket.

The key to achieve a polished and elegant look is undoubtedly to play with the options that this garment gives us. Craig subtly alternates the patterns on his jackets, opting for seams that enhance the torso and shoulders.

Another of his resources is to choose jackets with wider shoulder pads that are somewhat more prominent than usual, combining with lapels that cross and completely covering the chest.

If we go for a grey suit like the one Craig is wearing in the image, our styling suggestion is to match your look with a black or burgundy box calf shoe. If the event is formal, a burgundy Wholecut Oxford is a great choice. Another option is to go for the classic Oxford shoe in black box calf. Whichever your choice is, you will ooze style and elegance.

Colourful, in just the right measure.

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Nowadays, there is a vast variety of materials and colours available. Without going any further, for the premiere of “No Time to Die” Craig chose a blazer in pink colour. It may not be a typical choice for James Bond, but this is a great example of the versatility this garment adds to our style.

For both the modern gentleman and James Bond, it is common to see them wearing blue, black, green suits and of course suits in the palette of grey tones. There is life (and style), beyond the classic choice of a black suit.

Regardless of the type of event, a safe bet is a blue suite. The perfect shoe to combine it will depend on the type of event. If it is a formal event, we recommend an Oxford in black or burgundy box calf. Another elegant option would be a Balmoral boot in the same tones. If the event is somewhat more relaxed, we recommend you choose a double monk strap in cognac box calf.

Accessories: much more than “just” that.

From our point of view, paying attention to accessories is a rule that all men must follow, especially if we are looking for a sophisticated style. As Craig does, whenever we wear a suit, we can give it a special touch to complements our look: flowers, neckties or cufflinks are the most versatile and perhaps the most common and easy to combine. If we want to broaden our horizons, going for a well combined pocket square, scarfs with interesting prints or bow ties slightly larger than normal are surely a clever option.

If we choose a complement like any of the above, the footwear we use must follow that line of thought behind our style. Our suggestion as far as footwear is concerned and according to Craig’s look in the previous image, is to go for a slipper in black patent leather. A shoe model that undoubtedly adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to our look. We can also choose a suede slipper, always ton-sur-ton to the colour of our suit.

Whatever your style, the occasion, and your choice, remember that the key to achieve a sophisticated style lies in the details: accessories, details of our jacket and of course, in our choice of shoes.

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