The Honeymoon Trip. The calm after the storm.

After months of preparations, decisions, meetings, agendas and many more things, the BIG day has finally arrived. A happy day full of joy that must be enjoyed with our family and close friends. Dancing, singing, and lots of memories will be created during that day… emotions and feelings. A day that can be perfectly compared to a rollercoaster ride, but after this special ride, you will end up exhausted. But hey! There is still much more to come: it’s time for your well-deserved honeymoon trip.

Our honeymoon is a trip that will always be remembered. A very special trip, that is the perfect opportunity to replenish ourselves, both mentally and physically. Disconnect from our daily routine and get ready to enjoy the simple things in life. This is a very important trip that needs to be carefully planned. Especially since planning our honeymoon can sometimes be tricky: do we want a trip with lots of relaxing things to do (rather not to do ;D) a trip with our hobbies in mind (trekking, diving, etc.) or perhaps a mix of both?

Whether you want a good dose of rest and relaxation or prefer an action-packed experience, the Cambrillón Team wants to share some of our favorite places to go for your honeymoon.

Heneymoon: Africa – Tanzania

Africa offers many travel possibilities, but we have chosen Tanzania. In addition to all the things that other destinations in Africa have to offer (wild nature, landscapes, good people…), Tanzania is a very peaceful and safe destination. It is also worth mentioning that Tanzania offers one of the best beach destinations in the world: Zanzibar.

tanzania viaje de novios honey moon cambrillon

Our Honeymoon: an in crescendo itinerary. Based on the diversity of the national parks we can visit while in Tanzania, we have chosen those that go from wow to wooooooow in our astonishment-meter 😉

Lake Manyara

After arriving at the airport in Arusha, a city of endless extension, the first destination is Lake Manyara. It is a small national park with a huge lake and is situated in the Rift Valley. Here we will enjoy, above all, two very different landscapes: a lush forest at the beginning and the alkaline lake afterwards.

It is a very good visit to get a taste of what will come next.

Ngorongoro Crater

We recommend spending the night at the valley. There is nothing better that an amazing morning climb to Ngorongoro, even if it is by car. If you are lucky and once you get past the low clouds at the base of the mountain, you will suddenly find yourself with an exceptional view: the inside of a crater 12 miles in diameter, a habitat full of greenery and animals. Something truly unthinkable when you began climbing earlier that morning. Picture this: the feeling of you standing in the middle of the crater and being able to turn 360º while staring at the huge walls is extremely breathtaking.

ngorongoro viaje de novios honey moon cambrillon


We’ll leave the best for last. The visit to the Serengeti deserves the most of your time during your Honeymoon trip. It’s name, translated from Maasai language means “endless plains,” and it certainly lives up to it. The migration towards the north of the different species of animals, is an experience that we all should live at least once in our lives. An experience that is difficult to forget.

Other plans

If after visiting these three national parks, you still want more, you can visit Tarangire or perhaps spend a few days climbing Kilimanjaro.

The perfect Suitcase

Comfortable clothes, lots of layers (the temperature difference between sunrise and sunset is huge) and, in terms of footwear, sneakers and Balmoral boots for both safaris and dinners at the hotel.

United States – New York and Chicago

Traveling to such a large country, offers us the chance to visit diverse environments and landscapes, all in a single trip. We propose visiting 2 cities that will not disappoint you but remember that the options while visiting the country are countless.

There is little more that we can say about New York that has not already been written thousands of times. Tourism, museums, cultural activities, musicals, parks, views from the heights, sports, the best hotels, and restaurants? It is a city where you have such a wide range of opportunities that it never ends. You can go from 3 or 4 days up to 2 weeks and you won’t get bored. As Frank Sinatra once said: “New York, New York. I want to wake up in a city That doesn’t sleep.”

new york viaje de novios honey moon cambrillon

Our second suggested city is Chicago, a city that is not as famous and popular as it deserves. Chicago is the city where skyscrapers were born, hence architecture is one of its main attractions. After the fire that almost destroyed the city back in 1871, it quickly became an exponent of the avant-garde in terms of architecture. Chicago can offer much more than architecture: it is known as the city of jazz and the city wind. The latter, is because of its proximity to Lake Michigan. If you like sports, in Chicago you will find franchises of the four major American leagues: football (Bears in the NFL), basketball (Bulls in the NBA), baseball (Cubs in the MLB) and hockey (Blackhawks in the NHL).

chicago viaje de novios honey moon cambrillon

Other plans

From New York it is relatively easy to make trips to Boston, Washington DC or Niagara Falls. The West Coast and its impressive natural parks such as Yellowstone, are also great places to visit.

The perfect Suitcase

Comfortable clothes for sightseeing and warm clothes depending on the time of year. Comfortable sneakers and versatile monk straps are safe bets to have the best travel-mates.


A country with a culture so different from ours, is definitively worth a visit. Japan is the perfect example of a country in which tradition and modernity coexist, in perfect balance. Japan has a lot to offer us: from large cities, nature to temples and imperial palaces.

Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

In Tokyo, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, will make you feel that you are in a different city every time. From the traditional Asakusa, to a neighborhood full of youth like Harajuku. From the technological hub Akihabara to the popular Shibuya and its famous crossroads.

tokio viaje de novios honey moon cambrillon

Kyoto is Japan’s most historic major city. A city with more than 1,500 temples. Three must-see temples are the Golden Pavilion, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine and Kiyomizudera Temple.

Osaka takes us back to the modern days with is lively nightlife. Also, it’s worth a visit during the cherry blossom season.


Have you ever seen a picture of a giant Buddha? Well, it is quite possible that this one is from the giant Buddha in Kajamura, the former capital of the country. A visit to the Nikko temples is also a must.

Other plans

Hiroshima, Himeji Castle, or Mount Fuji are other plans you might want to consider when planning your honeymoon trip to Japan.

The perfect Suitcase

Breathable and comfortable clothes, a pair of Wingtip boots and another pair of sneakers is all you need to enjoy such an amazing trip.

On behalf of the Cambrillón Team, we hope that this selection of places to visit on your honeymoon, has helped you and will give you some ideas to start planning. Moreover, we want to wish you a very happy marriage, a happy life together and an amazing honeymoon trip to you two! Ah, please share with us some of your pictures. 😉