The influence of London on your look

When we talk about fashion, some references come to mind both in terms of designers and brands. But we can not forget the cities, which also influence fashion. Rome, Paris, Milan are some of the names that come to mind. That’s why today we’re going to show you how the city of London can influence your style.

London is a world leader in fashion. It is the city that has seen the birth of some essential items in a man’s wardrobe such as the Trench or the Oxford shoe. Whether its impossible combinations or its color palette, London is a fashion reference.

London is the key point that modernizes and updates fashion, but not all fashion is innovation and cutting edge. We can not forget that London is the city of Gentlemen and Londoners have the suit in their DNA. Elegance is the main characteristic of this style, the haute couture is one of its strong points. Who has not heard of Savile Row and its bespoke tailoring for men?

Get the London look

The “London look” is not just about wearing clothes, the magic lies in how to wear them. It consists in choosing the garments properly and then forgetting what you are wearing. 

One of the characteristics of the new English fashion are oversize garments, as opposed to its classic and stylistic fashion. 

Some clothes to get the London look

There are garments that seem to be created for this purpose, to be dressed in the style of London. Londoners know how to combine tradition and avant-garde in a way that seems so natural. Part of this essence lies in using the “old time clothes”  in our time fashion. 

The London style is not all about clothes, in fact accessories play a fundamental role while completing the look . Watches, bracelets, rings. In this period, the cross body bags are a great ally to replace the coats pockets. You can use it for the mobile wallet and the sunglasse’s case.

Oxford shoes

They are one of the most characteristic shoes of this city, a reference for fashion. The London touch, is knowing how to combine them properly with socks. 

To get the London look, the key point is to create   a good contrast between the color of the shoes and that of the socks. If the shoes are black, we will wear yellow or orange socks. If the shoes are brown, we’ll opt for green or purple socks.


Zapatos Oxford hombre
Red boxcalf Oxford

With the Red boxcalf Oxford shoes we will dress perfectly elegant and classic but with the innovation of the London style.


The raincoat

This is another essential that can not miss in the London style. This garment is typical from London but we can emphasize its “nationality” by combining with a turtleneck. For a formal look, we can opt for a black turtleneck sweater. If we want something more casual or sporty, we can opt for more vivid colors, such as orange or yellow.


The vest

Gareth Southgate chaleco

The vest is characteristic of this city. The English coach Gareth Southgate, has shown us how to wear and combine it in elegance. We can combine it simply with a shirt, straight pants and Tassel loafer in black-watch and tassels in wool hand made by Cambrillón.

Tassel Loafer para hombre blackwatch-1
Tassel loafer blackwatch and tassels

 As a final reflection, we must say that the London look is complete only with something that can not be bought in a store. What you need is a positive attitude and great confidence in your style. However impossible the combinations may seem, if we believe in it, we will influence other people.