Style guide for men: Tips to have the perfect wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe. Every time a new season of the year begins, it is common to come across tips to have your perfect wardrobe. From a rather personal point of view, a change of season might also find ourselves having new needs and evolving when it comes to our tastes and choices when it comes to changing our wardrobe. There is no doubt that changing our wardrobe, or rather adapting your clothes and accessories to the new time of year is a great decision. If you are one of those men who has already made this decision, we can conclude that your foundations regarding your personal style are solid.

On the other hand, if you have considered it, but do not know where to start, remember that discretion is always a good travel companion. The journey in the search of our personal style is long, intense and often inconclusive (or surprising depending on the day :D) … but always personal, even if it sounds redundant.

Later we will talk about the concept of “context” in terms of fashion, but we now want to ask you: what do you think about going from eating in a fast-food restaurant to a three Michelin stars without minimal preparation and background to get the best out of the experience of both restaurants? We sincerely believe that jumping into such an experience without a minimum preparation is not recommended. Everything in life has a process, follows its own steps, and requires certain learnings…and the world of fashion is no different.

For those of you who have solid foundations for your personal style, as well as for those who are starting their personal journey, we are going to share with you some brief tips or suggestions as a style guide with which you can create an immaculate wardrobe, but above all you will be able to have the best wardrobe: the one that leaves and breaths your style and personality.

The perfect wardrobe: never underestimate the power of the basics

The foundation of any men’s wardrobe is a solid collection of impeccable basics. High quality, white cotton t-shirts, white and plain collar shirts, two pairs of regular fit denims, a gray sweatshirt, a pair of quality jumpers, a denim jacket, and a pair of white trainers. From this base, you can then grow and let your creativity flow, little by little and step by step, when creating your wardrobe.

Choose timeless garments. Whenever it is possible, stay away from trends.

The perfect wardrobe: Basicos del armario masculino
Men's wardrobe basics (Instagram @javiermorenoevolution)

The fit: it's not just a matter of size

Surely you have read or heard about the word ‘fit’. We love to summarize this concept with the following statement: With very few exceptions, there is no garment that feels good if it is not the right size.

In other words, regardless of the trend and whether the design of the garments are loose or fitted, remember that these have to be your size… always. Fit is the key 😉

After briefly introducing the concept of “fit”, let’s talk about a complementary concept that we must take into account: proportion.

el armario perfecto Traje a medida de @sastreriajajoan Elegancia imbatible The perfect wardrobe
Tailor-made suit by @sastreriajajoan Unbeatable elegance

It is impossible that all the trends adapt equally smooth and well to all bodies. The reason? Two bodies will never be the same. That is why, regardless of the trends, there are a series of fundamental needs that we must consider when choosing one type of garment or another.

For example: Slim fit denims look good on all men? This example applies to almost everything in fashion. The key is to take a close look to your body, be realistic, understand it, and adapt our clothes (what we decide to buy) to our body… and never the other way around.

Our recommendation to start the path towards the sophistication of your wardrobe is to “embrace” the most versatile shapes and designs.

The perfect wardrobe: context is king

Have you ever worn a swimsuit to work? Or perhaps have you ever gone out for a hike in your brand-new tailored suit?

The previous cases may be somewhat exaggerated, but they help us understand a truth: we may want to go out in a specific way; but if we do not consider the context it will be very difficult to get our outfit right. We are not saying that we should then give up on our personal style, but rather we need to adapt it to the context. Where there’s a will there’s a way 😉

el armario perfecto Traje con zapatillas personalizadas Cambrillón The perfect wardrobe
Tailor made suit and bespoke sneakers by Cambrillon

Thinking of wearing a tailor-made suit with your brand-new pair of Bespoke Sneakers? Of course, yes! However, if you have been invited to a formal wedding, this choice is not the most accurate for the occasion. Don’t you think?

Despite the context, there is a lot of room for innovation for achieving that our personality shines through our clothes and accessories but remember that a super amazing look can lose all its meaning and magic, if the context in which you are going to wear it is not coherent.

Pay attention to the details

Details make the difference, we know it. So, we advise you to pay attention to certain details such as the cuffs and collars of your shirts, wrinkles, spots that seem “invisible” and, above all, the shine of the shoes 😉

Bespoke Chelsea boots for men Cambrillon The perfect wardrobe
Bespoke Chelsea Boots for men, handmade in Spain by Cambrillón

It is more important to have four pieces of clothing and just a few pristine accessories in your wardrobe, rather than one full of poorly cared for and damaged clothes. We are sure that an outfit with denims, a gray sweatshirt and perfect white sneakers will create a better image of you, than any other original and trendy combination, in which the clothes do not look well cared for.

It is important to always reflect your personality through your clothes: recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. This is something that can be easily achieved even when wearing basic garments. Our wardrobe, regardless of the time of year, must be balanced, its clothes taken care of, but above all and in essence, it has to be a true reflection of our style and personality.

In addition to these simple keys, we encourage you to keep up to date with trends, garments, and styling tips. Do you want to receive the latest news, VIP offers and other privileges? Join the Cambrillón Club.