The shoes that the characters of Game of Thrones use, according to their personality

In Cambrillón, we are specialist in handmade bespoke shoes for men. Therefore, we know that the most important part in your outfit are the shoes: they have to be impeccable and combine well with the look, but above all they have to match your personality. And we believe that there is a pair of shoes for each personality.

Today in our Journal, we are going to analyze the personality of five of the most important characters of the acclaimed serie Game of Thrones. Let’s discover the shoes that best suit their way of being.


1.Tyrion Lannistter / Petter Dinklage

This role is played by Peter Dinklage, 48.     His first success was in ” Vías Cruzadas ” (2003) and before Game of Thrones (2011) he excelled in several series such as ” Threshold ” and ” Nip / Tuck ”. For his interpretation he won an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

tyrion lannister
Tyrion Lannister

The dwarf is undoubtedly one of the favorite character of both audience and author George R. R Martin. Physically he is the weakest, but he is one of the most intelligent characters of the Tv series. He’s the youngest son of the Lannister family, despised by his father and hated by his sister Cersei.

Wellingtong burgundy velvet
Burgundy velvet Slipper

2. Jon Snow/ Kit Harington

Originally aristocratic, Kit Harington rose to fame with the HBO tv series after a career in the theater. On the big screen, he has starred in “Pompei” and “Double identity”: check “Spooks: The Greater Good'”and “Brimstone” among the others.                                    Initially he appears as the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Northern Warden. He has not hereditary rights so he decides to join the Night’s Watch. Their duty is to supervise the Wall of ice that separates Westeros from the lands where the savages live.


Jon Snow

The qualities of this character are pride and bravery. The honor and respect for the word given make him gaining importance in the plot and in the positions held.

Bespoke chelsea boot in burnished brown box calf Cambrillon
Brown boxcalf chelsea boot

3. Jamie Lannister / Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

The Danish 46 years old Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been an actor since 1993. His first big break was given by Ridley Scot in “Black Hawk Down” (2001), repeating with “The Kingdom of Heaven”( 2006). Mateo Gil hired him for the Western ”Blackthorn” shortly before joining HBO series where he plays the role of Jamie.             Twin brother of Cersei Lannister, Jaime is the    ” Kingslayer.”: the arrogant warrior who murdered the king Aerys II Targaryen.                          Gentleman, seducer, cruel and ruthless: he starts to change his character towards the middle of the series, when they cut off his right hand.


Jamie Lannister
Oxford-full brogue black Cambrillon
Black hand polished Oxford

4. Jorah Mormont / Iain Glen

Iain Glen, 56 is a Scottish actor with a long career. He was awarded in Berlin for his role in the film “Silent Scream” (1990), and has also recently received the Screen Actors Guild Award for his character “Sir Richard Carlisle” in the second season of Downton Abbey.                                          In GOT, he’s a ruined knight from the remote island of the Bear, who showed up at Daenerys’ wedding to put himself at the service of his brother, Viserys.


jorah mormont
Jora Mormont

His initial opinion about the capabilities of the Khaleesi has turned during the time and right now Giora is her most faithful server. But when Daenery discovers that he had spied on her, she condemns him to exile. To obtain his forgiveness, he kidnaps Tyrion with the intention of taking him to the queen. Undoubtedly one of the most loyal characters of the whole series.

Chukka boots for men in cognac box calf Cambrillon
Bota Chukka en boxcalf cognac

5. Lord Varys / Conleth Hill

He’s one of the most fascinating characters. Born slave and castrated by a sorcerer, he became the best thief in the 7 Kingdoms before discovering that power resides in information. He creates a great network of spies at his service. Adviser to King Aerys, he has managed to survive all the monarchs dead and murdered. He helped Tyrion escape to take him to Daenerys.


At the age of 52, the Northern Irish actor Conleth Hill has achieved fame thanks to “Game of thrones”, despite having a long and award-winning theatrical career. In the cinema he has made supporting roles in films such as “Intermission” and “The salmon fishing in the Yemen”,  he also appeared in the tv series ‘Suits’.


single monk negro Cambrillon
Single Monkstrap full grain

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