Tricks and Tips to extend the life of your shoes

While speaking about shoes, is important to remember that quality is the first feature.

When you are choosing your pair of handicraft shoes, you are looking for a product that fits you perfectly, that is comfortable and made with high quality materials. That’s why your handmade shoes deserve your care and attention.                                                             Today we are going to give you some tricks and tips to extend the life of your shoes.


Limpieza de zapatos de ante

Do not exploit your footwear

Handicraft shoes last a long time and they will support you in thousand steps. But even quality shoes like those of Cambrillón, need that you let them restIn this way they don’t excessively take the shape of your foot , because to be comfortable they have to be totally dry.


Use the shoehorn

The good habit of shoehorn has been lost but it is highly recommended: both when putting them on and while taking them off. The use of a shoehorn is essential because it ensures that the back part of the shoe does not deform. Do not force the shoe, especially if it has laces.


The importance of using the studs

The studs are shoe-type tensionerssthat have the shape of the shoe and are used for their care. They are introduced inside to preserve the shape avoiding deformations and wrinkles. Use them every time you take off your shoes.


Air the shoes

It is necessary to aerate the shoes to avoid bad smells and deterioration. We suggest you to use magazine paper to fill them to absorb humidity. Do not use heat or dryer to dry them faster, they could get damage.


Feel free to take them to the shoemaker

Sometimes a good arrangement can save your favorite shoes, maybe it can be sufficient to reinforce the soles. In this way you can enjoy your shoes for much longer.


Organize your shoes

In many occasions, for different reasons as lack of space or order the shoes are badly placed. Most of the time we pile them one above the other and they get wasted. Try to find a specific space for your shoes where they have enough space and air.


Footwear has a great importance for your health, while using a shoe in bad conditions can damage your knees, hips and even cause headache.

Follow these tips to extend the life of your shoes in perfect condition.